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 R E F E R E N C E
P H O T O   G U I D E 

I work from photographs to complete your bespoke portrait, therefore, I can’t stress

enough the importance of good reference photos to draw from. The more detail in

reference photos, the more detail that I’m able to capture in my drawing.

I have a few guidelines which really help in the completion of the portrait, and help me to produce the highest quality of work. 

Ideally if you could send 5 high quality photos of your pet, in good natural lighting. This allows me to see your pet from a few different angles and allows me to cross reference to ensure the detail is correct. Please make sure that no part of the animal is cropped from the photo i.e the ears are all in the photograph - it makes it really difficult to get it perfect when I am missing the top of the head!! I find so much of the personality in the eyes, so please make sure they are clear, along with any other defining features. Another thing which is important when thinking about reference photos is to make sure that the photographs capture your pets personality, so this comes across in the drawing.

If you would like a multiple subject portrait it is usually best to send individual photographs for me to work into once piece, I know how hard it is to get pets to pose together for a photo! 

If you have any questions about reference photos, I am more than happy to look through a number and we can discuss the best ones to use for your portrait. 

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