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Laura is a wildlife artist based in Newcastle Upon Tyne. Taking inspiration from nature, Laura creates highly detailed portraits primarily using coloured pencil.

"I did my first pet portrait while I was living in the south of Spain on my gap year. I fell completely in love with the yard dog at the stables I was working at, so I'd spend my evenings working on this portrait of him. A few years passed and drawing took a back seat until I found myself with months of free time in my university summer break. I started experimenting with pencil work again, working on references photos from my images on my phone and it developed from there."

After graduating from Lancaster University with a Degree in Fine Art, Laura began taking commissions for pet portraits after various requests from friends and family. Initially working in graphite, and more recently in coloured pencil, Laura's portraits capture the character of her subjects, highlighting their unique personality. Working from photographs has allowed Laura to take commissions from across the world. 


"I've worked on all sorts, from your usual cats, dogs, horses to more unusual commissions like racing pigeons, or longhorn bulls. Every animal I draw has a unique personality so it's really important that this comes across in the portrait. The eyes are always the most important part of any portrait, they really show character." 

If you'd like to visit the studio or enquire about any of Laura's work please feel free to contact us.

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