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Helping Rhinos Partnership

I am thrilled to be partnering with Helping Rhinos, donating 10% of all sales from my Rhino artwork to help with their fantastic efforts in conservation.

Helping Rhinos is an international charity forging innovative conservation, community and education initiatives to ensure the long-term survival of the rhino and other endangered wildlife in their natural habitat.

Rhino have been on the planet for 50 million years, and have evolved into their current form throughout that time as the environment and their habitat has changed.  They now face their biggest challenge as man restricts their natural habitat and kills them for their horn.

The current poaching crisis can be attributed to the growing demand for rhino horn in Asian countries, most notably Vietnam and China. International trade in rhino horns has been banned since 1977, but it continues to fetch huge profits on the black market.

To find about more about the incredible work or to donate directly - visit the Helping Rhinos website


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